Ethiopian Iced Coffee: The Flavor Vibe of 2022

The flavor vibe of 2022

With the Atlanta Metro being the next most influential place in America, it’s only befitting that Dope Coffee's Ethiopian Iced Coffee would pay homage to Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, as it does its music. Yes, this bottled drink is linked to an entire album called, SPINACH, 29 minutes of classic boom bap Hip Hop to vibe to while you sip and savor the flavor of Africa.

Experience the Ethiopian Dripp bean which was chosen for originality and complexity. The flavor notes are rich with hints of wine and toasted chocolate. This beverage hot brewed and flash chilled for a smooth and enticing finish that sparks creativity with consumption. 

Crack open an ice cold bottle for a quick fix, or shake it up and pour over ice for some slow down sophistication. As you sip, notice the artwork on the bottle from which you drink. It's culture, coffee and Hip Hop at your fingertips. Scan the QR code to stream SPINACH. 

Coffee serves as a gateway across cultures, and I dare say a conduit for cultural dissemination. You don't have to take my word for it, just spin the bottle and ask Harriet, she'll tell you - Coffee is Culture. 

Stay Dope. 

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Author: Chel Loyd