How To Make A Dope Coffee Marshmallow Root Latte At Home With Dope Coffee Syrup

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How To Make A Dope Coffee Marshmallow Root Latte At Home With Dope Coffee Syrup












Written by Chel L. Loyd

The Dope Coffee Marshmallow Root Latte is a Dope Coffee favorite for when we want something other than black coffee to drink while still in the comfort of our own home. This vegan latte is proof that you can make a great latte at home with ease. 

Experience Level: All

Ready in 5-8 minutes

Serves 1-2 people
100 calories 
17g carbs
2.5g protein
2.5g Fat

    Health Benefits

    Mood enhancing
    Lung/kidney/digestive wellness
    Balanced nutrition for sustainable fuel



      • 20g Organic Guatemalan coarse grind
      • 246g extra creamy oat milk
      • 123g hot water 
      • ¼ tsp coconut oil
      • 3 drops marshmallow root extract (optional)

      Whipped Topping

      • 1 -14.5oz can drained aquafaba 
      • ¼ cup Dope Coffee infused syrup 
      • ⅛ cup powdered sugar
      • Light dust of ground turmeric
      • ¼ tsp vanilla extract (optional)


      1. Infusion. Heat oat milk, water and coconut oil until hot but not boiling and add to french press. Add coarsely ground coffee, plunge and brew for 4 minutes. 
      2. Whipped Topping. In a mixing bowl or mason jar, add all whipped topping ingredients and  whisk (or shake) until you have soft foam. 
      3. Assemble Latte. Place ¼ cup of whip in a cup and pour in brewed latte and add marshmallow root extract. Stir and enjoy. 

      Notes: Using aquafaba from beans preserved with added salt will give a flavor almost like salted caramel. If you like a more mild taste, use beans preserved in water.


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      Chel is passionate about uplifting our community and culture. As the Chief Product Officer Of Dope Coffee, Chel creates products that enhance the lives of everyone with an emphasis on people of color. Chel is a 2008 graduate of Wake Forest University and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. In her other life, Chel is a mother of 3, registered dietitian and food critic. 

       Chel L. Loyd, Dope Coffee Company CPO

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