Take control of your life through nutritional grounding

Take control of your life through nutritional grounding

 Written by Chel L. Loyd


The Nutritional Grind

A guide to help you learn to be your own nutritionist and customize your diet-lifestyle to fit every phase of your life. Keep these reminders at the forefront of your nutrition decisions.

  1. Remember to be energy conscious. Food is fuel for everything you do. Thinking, breathing, creating. Maximize your nutrition by including superfoods into your diet and skincare.
  1. Remember your body is ever-changing. Nutrition phases occur with the life cycle. What your body needs at 10 years of age, is not the same as 30 years or 50 years of age. What phase of your life are you in? Supplement your nutrition with micronutrient stimulation to fortify your body.
  1. Remember to have goals that are SMART. Nutrition is science + discipline. Daily diets should be as well. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you focused on your goal? Is your nutrition fueling your goal? Fruits and vegetables are always good options for energy catalysts.
  1. Remember to think logically. Nutrition is only 80%. How does your life schedule look? How are your bowels? How is your flexibility, your functional movement? Think, hydration first.
  1. Remember your body heals itself every day and that takes time. Gradual, repeatable change is sustainable change. Tune into your biological clock and take time for yourself to be. Appreciate the ebb and flow of the work your body is doing daily. Indulge in topical nutrition through nourishing body oils and masks.
  1. Remember to eat preventatively to maintain optimal energy efficiency. The body is constantly removing toxins and distributing energy to the areas of the body that need it. Antioxidant boosts, immune enhancements, and gut health protect your body and allow for maximum energy distribution. Balance and moderation in all diets are key for optimization.


Chel is passionate about uplifting our community and culture. As the Chief Product Officer Of Dope Coffee, Chel creates products that enhance the lives of everyone with an emphasis on people of color. Chel is a 2008 graduate of Wake Forest University and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. In her other life, Chel is a mother of 3, registered dietitian and food critic. 


 Chel L. Loyd, Dope Coffee Company CPO

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