Coffee Man Of Great Taste

By: Creative Mike The Rapper

I had a very rocky relationship with my father growing up. He was in prison for the majority of my childhood. That separation caused me to struggled quite a bit as a father but I shook most of those demons off.

I created this Coffee Man Of Taste gift set for all fathers but I thought mostly for that old hard tough dad that needs something to relax and let the stress go. Enter Dope Coffee - which has been my salvation this past year as a platform for change in my life and as a way to overcome many of my own personal challenges. I shunned Father's day for a long time but now I embrace it because my family and children have healed me and it feels good. I'm excited and through coffee I hope to share my passion for honoring men with others.

We can go ahead and put this all out there now, dads need time and space to take care of themselves so that they can fill the roles and responsibilities in their life that they value most. Many men like myself won't perform self-care without being pushed and prodded and that's what this gift is for.

This is the gift that I want as a Dad... coffee'd out... swagged out... bossy and boujee at the same time...



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Author: Chel Loyd