Don't Call Us A Record Label

Don't Call Us A Record Label

Don't call us a record label, because a record label could never. To call Dope Coffee Music a record label would be doing it a disservice. Instead, it is the embodiment of independence, dedication, extremely hard work and a whole lot of talent. While Hip-Hop music is the heart of Dope Coffee Music, the company's passion is providing talented artists with a platform to be authentically themselves and publish their work to the world. No, you cannot call Dope Coffee Music a record label, because it is so much more. It is not all about business with Dope Coffee Music; at its core it is about visionaries collaborating to consistently put out quality work. 

Built from the bottom up, Dope Coffee Music is the epitome of Black Wealth. Dope Coffee founders created a space for themselves in the extremely competitive music industry and are already skyrocketing past everyone else. Creative Mike the Rapper’s lyrics push buttons and move you forward. Stace Loyd’s production is, simply put, classic. And the beauty of it all is that there is no one to answer to. It is genuine independent artists doing what they do best, making music. To own one's own successful business, to be able to do without asking, to create without interference… that is Black Wealth. 


The opportunities with Dope Coffee Music are endless. Not only is legendary music being created, but the visual content is breathtaking. Compelling stories are being written. Every component goes hand-in-hand with the others while uniquely providing the audience with different perspectives. 

No one is doing what Dope Coffee Music is doing; backed by a consumer goods business, doing literally everything in-house, and enjoying every minute of it. Dope Coffee Music is here for the long run. Catch us while you can. 

Sam Taylor

Press & Communications Coordinator

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