Lesson Learned? EVERY Vote Matters

Americans have showed up and showed out during this 2020 election. Despite being faced with a strenuous pandemic, citizens have utilized all of their options to cast their vote. While many still took the traditional route of waiting in line on Election Day, an unprecedented amount of Americans have submitted their votes via mail. Everyone’s determination goes to show how pressing of a matter it was to vote in this years election.

While this feels like quite a historic election already, it is far from over, as there are many votes to still be counted and a handful of states that are too close to call. In Georgia alone, there is less than a 50,000 vote lead, with Biden creeping his way back up as more mail in ballots are counted. Election poll workers and volunteers are working endlessly around the clock. Reporters are continuing to keep the people up-to-date with ACCURATE information and numbers. Only patience and time will tell who the next leader will be.

If this close-call election has shown us anything, it is the fact that EVERY vote does indeed matter. Despite the naysayers, everyone’s individual vote truly makes a difference. Voting is a right that has been tirelessly fought for. Do not take the privilege of voting for granted.





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Author: Sam Taylor