Show Some Love to the Skin Your in With Dope Coffee’s Skin & Body Care Line

Dope Coffee is so much more than a coffee company. We pride ourselves on providing consumers with all natural, luxurious products — all which do use coffee in them — but range from our delicious coffee to a unique Skin & Body Care line.

Created solely in house by our Chief Product Officer, Chel Loyd, our Skin & Body Care products   are designed to meet the specific needs of our consumers. These products include our Coffee Infused Beard & Scalp Serum, Face & Body Scrub, and Original Man Soap. 

The Coffee Infused Beard & Scalp Serum promotes strong healthy hair growth through the infusing of coffee which contains antioxidants and stimulates hair follicles. This product is extremely versatile, and can be used beyond the beard. It is great for both men and women. Not only can it be used for its original purpose, it also is a great moisturizer, add-on conditioner, and cuticle treatment. Don't miss out on our No Shave November Sale running every Friday until the end of November, on this amazing product.

The Face & Body Scrub makes you feel comfortable in the skin you are in. It use of the finely ground coffee — which is all repurposed — and other natural exfoliants, creates a conditioning skin exfoliant. This product is great for all skin types, but was specifically designed for the needs of melanated skin which can be very dry in North American climates. It exfoliates and restores to moisturize the skin. 

The Original Man Soap is the epitome of self love. It cleanses, moisturizes, exfoliates the skin and enhances ones mood with the Bergamot essential oil. It smells absolutely amazing and you feel invigorated after using it. It is a light soap that makes a great daily cleanser. 

Lastly, we have recently debuted our Sundaze Box which includes all of the product above plus our Skin Milk and Black Mermaid Wipes The Skin Milk is a daily cleanser. All you need is a full dropper and some water to lather and apply. It leaves the skin clean and moisturized. The Black Mermaid Wipes can be used any time of the day to refresh the skin. It is great for removing makeup and excess dirt. The Sundaze Box is a great way to show your self some love. Never miss out on a self-care Sunday again. 

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Author: Sam Taylor