Stay Healthy and Happy With Our Dope Coffee Products

Consumption of black coffee can be extremely beneficial. It can reduce the risk of chronic disease, help manage diabetes, act as a mood enhancer, is a functional pre-work out option, regulates bowel function, hydrates, and more! We use this to our advantage by highlighting them through our extensive product line. 


Organic Guatemalan: Bold Times Call for Bold Coffee

Our Organic Guatemalan is our OG coffee; it embodies what Dope Coffee stands for. Bold, yet smooth and calm. Organic Guatemalan energizes and gives strength to its drinkers so they are ready to lead the next great revolution. It is a medium to dark roast and is USDA Certified Fair Trade. It is full of flavor, with hints of dark chocolate and apricot. 

Dope Sunrise: Epic Mornings

Imagine the sunlight hitting you first thing in the morning, or the stage lights as you prepare to perform. Embrace the moment, the feelings of nervousness, excitement and newness. With our Dope Sunrise Blend, you are going to break barriers. It is a refreshing combination of Central American Coffees medium roasted to start your morning off easy. There is an earthy citrus taste that makes this coffee a joy to drink.

Dope Sunrise is also offered in decaf. The Swiss Water Process used for decaffeination protects the flavor without using chemical additives. 

Tanzania Peaberry: The Creative’s Coffee

Throw on some Jazz, embrace the dark, long road ahead and let the music embrace you. You’re now at a creative peak. Our Tanzania Peaberry, a dark roasted yet bitterless treat, comes from the heartland of where coffee began. It is full of Earth, with playful fruity notes and hints of cacao. 

K-Cups: It’s Magic

The wait is over, you no longer have to sacrifice quality for convenience. Our Organic Guatemalan can also be enjoyed in single-serving K-Cups. 

Coffee Infused Syrup: Syzurp

Add a touch of sweetness to your coffee with our organic coffee-infused syrup. Just a dab will sweeten your coffee without diluting the flavor. Handcrafted and backed by dietetic science. Our Coffee Infused Syrup has no preservatives and no corn syrup. 

Skin & Hair Care

Beard & Scalp Serum: You Feel Me

Dope Coffee's Beard and Scalp Serum was designed to treat dry and brittle hair leading to an itchy and inflamed skin or scalp, and to promote strong healthy hair growth. This serum serves as an intermediary layer that prepares the skin and facial hair by providing an initial layer of revitalizing nutrients before final balm moisturization. Fresh ground coffee is infused with a blend of oils, providing powerful antioxidants for youthful skin and stimulation of hair follicles. 

Face & Body Scrub: Be Comfortable in Your Skin

Our finely ground organic coffee is re-purposed as a gentle skin exfoliant. Dope Coffee's 100% Organic Face + Body Scrub was designed for the needs of melanated skin which can be very dry in North American climates leading to conditions such as Keratosis Pilaris or dry, rough skin. This scrub exfoliates and restores to reveal moisturized, supple skin. 

Bergamot Hemp Original Man Coffee Soap: Self Care is Self Love

The Original Man Coffee Soap was inspired and developed by kid genius Michael Loyd III, also known as Dope Coffee Mike. Our shea infused coffee is paired with castile to create a cleansing skin exfoliant. Dope Coffee's Original Man Line of exfoliating soaps leans towards a new level of self-care. Cleansing yet moisturizing with an invigorating mental boost from Bergamot essential oil or a comforting calm from Lavender essential oil. Nourish with light exfoliation. 


Dope Coffee Classic Mug: It’s a Classic

Plan for the future or relax in the morning while enjoying your favorite treat in our 11oz Dope Coffee Classic Mug.

Dope Coffee Candle: Yassss

An elegant candle, nonetheless. With layered notes of hazelnut, roasted Arabica coffee, and vanilla, the full-bodied aroma fills the room and awakens a dope vibe. Just let it burn, then light another one.

Dope Coffee T-Shirt: Stay Dope

Stay dope by repping your favorite brand in a Dope Coffee Classic T-Shirt.

Pleasure Packs & Subscriptions

If you are unsure of which coffee best suits you or you like to switch it up, you can try them all out with our DC Pleasure Pack. 4 small but potent doses of Dope Coffee for you to delight yourself and your taste buds with. The Dope Coffee Pleasure Pack is a combination of our delicious annual coffees and a select micro-lot roast which rotates on a seasonal basis. 

Our micro-lot coffees are the best coffee available. Grown by the most experienced farmers who value quality over quantity, unique and typically available in quantities of less than 150lbs. 

Additionally, we have a Man of Great Taste set which includes a DC Pleasure Pack, a Coffee Infused Syrup, and a Beard and Scalp Serum. We also have a Dope Box Subscription which is a great sampler that includes a bag of coffee, a Coffee Infused Syrup, and a Dope Coffee Candle. 

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