This is not a Drill: It’s Time to Vote

As a Chicago native, I adore Kanye West. And that is why I am infuriated by his 2020 Presidential Campaign.

 2020 has been a hell of a year — one taken over by a global pandemic, police brutality, and many unexpected losses. With that being said, the country is in a critical state, and it can truly go either way depending on the results of the upcoming election. That is why we cannot tolerate and entertain people, such as Kanye West, making a mockery of our right to vote. Kanye is an inspiration to a lot of young men and women. He has a large fan base, many of them who are at influential stages in their life. Having Kanye on the ballot, or having him written in, could very well be detrimental.

 One’s right to vote must be taken seriously. Voting is a privilege that was not always had. And many Americans today — specifically those who are Black, disabled, and/or elderly — still face many challenges due to voter suppression. That is why it is time for Americans to make informed decisions. And while Election Day is November 3rd, it best for everyone to go out and vote early.

 Do not let distractions, like Kanye West, hinder you from seeing the bigger picture. And, go vote.

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Author: Sam Taylor