Unstoppable: Dope Coffee Has a One-Way Ticket to the Top

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Unstoppable: Dope Coffee Has a One-Way Ticket to the Top

Hard work and dedication has been paying off for Dope Coffee. All of the late nights, the plotting and the planning, has taken the company to another level. What started as a three person team has expanded into a squad of creatives working together. Each team member has been added on because of their unique, specific talents. Everyone works together to push the mission of the company forward. And most importantly, everyone works well together and genuinely loves what they do. 

Dope Coffee has also been able to broaden the product line. The OG product line included three bagged coffees: Organic Guatemalan, Tanzania Peaberry, and Dope Sunrise. While these coffees are the heart of Dope Coffee, the product line now includes K-Cups, subscription boxes, a variety of coffee-based skincare products, and Dope Coffee merchandise. 


These changes are no small feat. Being a start-up company in its first few years in itself is difficult. Being a Black-owned start-up company in its first few years is even harder. That’s why this success tastes so good. Right now is a time to celebrate; we celebrate the fact that we have made it this far and know that it will only continue to go up from here. There is so much more coming your way, very soon. We will be legendary.

These expansions would not have been possible without the support of our customers. Whether you have been following our story from the beginning, or recently stumbled across us, you have been a huge part of our growth. Thank you and Stay Dope.

Sam Taylor

Press and Communications


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