Welcome to Fundraising with Dope Coffee Company!

We are raising money to grow an idea through a universal commodity, one cup at a time. Dope Coffee has a vision of being a global brand built from an inclusive and loyal perspective.

Big shout out to the Dope Coffee Crew for all the work and effort put forth to get this fundraiser live and smash through our first fundraising milestone. It is our time!

What a dope time in history to act and invest in your future. Investment information can be found on our crowdfunding campaign page by clicking our link http://bit.ly/dopecoffeeinvestment.

Spread the word. Invest. Share with other like-minded individuals that want the same dope future as you do. It is time to control our narrative, and you are helping us grow the platform! 

Week 1 of fundraising has given us life. In the first few days, we surpassed our 1st milestone and raised 30% of our total fundraising goal. This solidifies our immediate future of scaling our current operations and fuels us for Week 2 of fundraising to secure our 2nd milestone. Every milestone reached releases more funds for us to operate immediately. Let’s make it happen now!

Throughout our fundraising efforts we will continue to engage in the well being of our community through creative content and new product offerings.

Lastly, a big thank you in advance for your support. In the words of the Obamas, “Yes, we can”, and we will with your belief in Dope Coffee Company.  Please let me know if you have any questions about our campaign and how you can help us reach our goal!
Stay Dope.

Chel Loyd, Co-founder
Dope Coffee Company

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