Original Man Coffee Soap

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12oz Original Man Coffee Soap

The Original Man Coffee Soap was inspired and developed by kid genius Michael Loyd III, also known as Dope Coffee Mike. Our shea infused coffee is paired with castile to create a cleansing skin exfoliant. 

Dope Coffee's Original Man Line of exfoliating soaps leans towards a new level of self-care. Cleansing yet moisturizing with an invigorating mental boost from Bergamot essential oil or a comforting calm from Lavender essential oil. Nourish with light exfoliation.


Cleansing Agents: Gentle Castile soap provides a natural cleanse to the skin surface. 

Moisturizing Agents: Hempseed Oil and Shea are rich in fatty acids that replenish your skin's natural oils and lock in moisture to keep your skin hydrated.

Exfoliating Agents: Coffee grounds remove dead skin cells leaving revitalized skin.

Mood Enhancing: Bergamot essential oil perks your senses creating an uplifting and calming effect. 

“Self care is Self love”


Directions and Usage

Lather coffee soap on body loofa for best results.   

  1. Always wet skin before applying coffee soap
  2. Polish wet skin in a smooth, circular motion forming tan-colored soft lather bubbles.
  3. Rinse for clean and moisturized skin.

Note: This soap forms a small bubble lather as you work the soap across your skin. Bubbles will turn a pale tan color as they work their magic and leave your skin clean and moisturized. 

Additional Information

‘Glow’ enhancing - Made with Natural ingredients - Great for All Skin Types - Restores Natural Skin Oil Balance