DECAF dope sunrise blend BRIGHT COCOA CITRUS

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8oz Decaf Dope Sunrise Central American Blend


Let the sunlight hit you like lights on stage as Lena Horne takes the microphone.

Nervous no doubt, she’s there to break barriers for the people watching and in her own mind. 

Our Dope Coffee Sunrise Blend is a refreshing combination of Central American Coffees medium roasted with an earthy citrus taste that makes this coffee a joy to drink.

Decaffeination: Swiss Water Process

Swiss Water flavor protection process uses the same method for decaffeination as the European process without the chemical additives. The water containing the flavor, oils, and caffeine is passed through a carbon filtration system producing a 100% chemical-free, decaffeinated coffee.


Coffee Mood: I’m really too cool to be stressed, I got the drip and I’m blessed…