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4 small but potent doses of Dope Coffee for you to delight yourself and your taste buds with. The Dope Coffee Pleasure Pack is a combination of our delicious annual coffees and a select micro-lot roast which rotates on a seasonal basis.

Please Pack Includes the following four 1.5oz pleasure packs. Subscribe & Save!

Current Lineup
Organic Guatemalan         Medium Dark Roast
Tanzania Peaberry            Dark Roast
Dope Sunrise Blend          Medium Blend

Featured Microlot
Burundi Kibingo Honey     Light Roast

Kibingo has a honeyed mouthfeel and flavor, toasted sugar, black tea, buoyant body, and tea-tannic acidity.

Our micro-lot coffees are the best coffee available. Grown by the most experienced farmers who value quality over quantity,  unique and typically available in quantities of less than 150lbs