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Invest in Dope Coffee's Title III Crowdfund Campaign. 

Watch the video below as Dope Coffee CEO, Creative Mike pitches Dope Coffee in January 2020 at the PG Shark Tank Competition in Houston, Tx where the company won first place and a $7,500 cash prize.


4 small but potent doses of Dope Coffee for you to delight yourself and your taste buds with. The Dope Coffee Pleasure Pack is combination of our delicious annual coffees and a select micro-lot roast which rotates on a seasonal basis.

Invest In Dope Coffee Company

Dope Coffee Is The Future Of Speciality Coffee

Dope Coffee is snapshot of the future, how coffee should be for a community of coffee drinkers who value each other and connects through elevation and building greatness. 

We are raising capital through Title III Regulation Crowdfunding to power this idea. If you would like to make an investment or learn more, please email for more information. 

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