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The Dope Box Subscription

Treat yourself, share with friends, or gift a dope subscription to someone with a love of coffee and self-care. 

The Dope Box Subscription is a great sampler to motivate and remind you to take time for yourself and enjoy all that hard work. 


8oz Bag of Dope Coffee
1.5oz Dope Coffee Face & Body Scrub
4oz Dope Coffee Candle
5oz Dope Coffee-Infused Syrup  


Drip Tips

18.5 : 1 Water to Coffee Ratio

Single Cup Instructions

14-15g (1 tbsp) Ground Coffee + 265g (1 cup + 1 tbsp) Water.

Pre Infuse coffee ground for up to 20seconds for best taste extraction

Brew 3.5minutes.

Filter brewed coffee for clarity and smoother cup


Scrub Directions and Usage

For Face - Use 1 tsp of coffee scrub at a time, up to twice a week

For Body - Use ½ tbsp coffee scrub at a time, up to 3 times a week

  1. Always wet skin before applying scrub
  2. Gently spread  scrub from palm to fingertips in circular motion until evenly distributed
  3. Rub scrub over wet skin in a smooth, circular motion
  4. Rinse the scrub from skin, still polishing skin and working oils into layers of skin

Syrup Directions and Usage

Shake syrup bottle prior to using for even distribution. Note: It is a natural product infusion and separation is expected. 

Warm syrup prior to adding to hot beverages 

Add a little at a time, stir and adjust for taste.

Nutritional Overview

Coffee: 250ml coffee - Serving Size 1 cup - Caffeine 95mg

Syrup: 20kcal - Serving Size 2 tsp - Caffeine < 1mg

Low Fiber - Low Sodium - Trace minerals (Potassium - Magnesium) - Antioxidants -  Niacin

Health Benefits

Coffee: Black coffee consumption may aid in the following: Reducing the risk of chronic disease - Diabetes Management - Mood Enhancer - Functional Pre Workout - Bowel Function Regulation - Hydration - Increased BMR 

Syrup: Healthier addition to allowing for taste assimilations to a more true coffee taste. Reprogram your taste buds.