Organic Coffee Infused Syrup (2pk)

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5oz Fresh Roasted Arabica Coffee-Infused Syrup

Add a touch of sweetness to your coffee with our organic coffee-infused syrup.  Just a dab will sweeten your coffee without diluting the flavor. Sold as 2-Pack

Directions and Usage

Shake syrup bottle prior to using for even distribution. Note: It is a natural product infusion and separation is expected. 

Warm syrup prior to adding to hot beverages. 

Add a little at a time, stir and adjust for taste.

Add to pancake batter for a dope breakfast - Recipe 


Additional Information

Excellent transition product for a true coffee tasting experience.

Add to extra creamy oat milk or milk alternative for a sweetened coffee creamer

Nutritional Overview

20kcal - Serving Size 2 tsp - Caffeine < 1mg

Low Fiber - Low Sodium - Trace minerals (Potassium - Magnesium) - Antioxidants -  Niacin

Sodium Free. Preservative Free. Corn Syrup Free. Artificial Dye/Color Free. 

Health Benefits

RD designed and approved.

Healthier addition to allowing for taste assimilations to a more true coffee taste. 

Reprogram your taste buds.

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