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DC Pleasure Pack

4 small but potent doses of Dope Coffee for you to delight yourself and your taste buds with. The Dope Coffee Pleasure Pack is a combination of our delicious annual coffees and a select micro-lot roast which rotates on a seasonal basis. 

Our micro-lot coffees are the best coffee available. Grown by the most experienced farmers who value quality over quantity, unique and typically available in quantities of less than 150lbs. 

Please Pack Includes the following four 1.5oz pleasure packs. Subscribe & Save!

Current Lineup
Organic Guatemalan         Medium Dark Roast
Tanzania Peaberry             Dark Roast
Dope Sunrise Blend          Medium Blend

Featured Microlot
Burundi (Nemra) Honey    Medium Light Roast

The Burundi Nemra is a naturally processed bean with a clean and buoyant mouthfeel with a flavor of warm-toasted sugar, red bourbon, and tea-tannic acidity.



“Sprinkle me, baby.”

Drip Tips

18.5 : 1 Water to Coffee Ratio

Single Cup Instructions

14-15g (1 tbsp) Ground Coffee + 265g (1 cup + 1 tbsp) Water.

Pre Infuse coffee ground for up to 20seconds for best taste extraction

Brew 3.5minutes.

Filter brewed coffee for clarity and smoother cup 

Need some tips to make better coffee, check out Drip Tips!


Nutritional Overview

250ml coffee - Serving Size 1 cup - Caffeine 95mg

Low Fiber - Low Sodium - Trace minerals (Potassium - Magnesium) - Antioxidants -  Niacin

Health Benefits

Black coffee consumption may aid in the following: Reducing the risk of chronic disease - Diabetes Management - Mood Enhancer - Functional Pre Workout - Bowel Function Regulation - Hydration - Increased BMR