Coffee Infused Beard & Scalp Serum

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Dope Coffee's Beard and Scalp Serum was designed to treat dry and brittle hair leading to an itchy and inflamed skin or scalp and promoting healthy strong hair growth. 

This serum serves as an intermediary layer that prepares the skin and facial hair by providing an initial layer of revitalizing nutrients before final balm moisturization. 

“You feel me.” 

Heat serum bottle in hot water and shake prior to use. Use a small amount of serum daily after cleansing and prior to final moisturizing. 

  1. Cleanse facial hair with warm water before applying the serum. Pat dry.
  2. Lightly coat fingertips and massage serum into beard until evenly distributed
  3. Allow to hair to air dry, then moisturize.
  4. If using on the scalp, lightly coat fingertips and line scalp with serum
  5. If using on cuticles, line cuticles with serum once daily

ENHANCE moisturizer by adding up to 5 drops of serum prior to application.

ENHANCE conditioner by adding up to 1 full dropper of serum prior to application. 

SPA Beart Treatment: After cleansing beard hair, apply serum and cover with a cap or warm towel for 10minutes. Remove towel and apply moisturizer.