5oz Organic Coffee Infused Syrup

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Fresh Roasted Arabica Coffee-Infused Syrup

Add a little sweetness your coffee but leave the processed sugar alone and try our organic coffee infused syrup.  Our coffee syrup sweetens without diluting the flavor of your coffee.


Tips and Usage

Shake syrup bottle prior to using for even distribution. It is a natural product infusion and separation is expected.

Add a little at a time, stir and adjust for taste.

Add to oat milk or milk alternative for a sweetened coffee creamer

Smooth and Rich Dessert Topping, Breakfast Topping, and Beverage Ingredient

Sodium Free. Preservative Free. Corn Syrup Free. Artificial Dye/Color Free. 


Boutique Bottled-Small Batches in Atlanta, Georgia
Registered Dietitian Approved