Beyond Tradition: Embracing Air Roasting for a Tastier Coffee Culture

Atlanta, Georgia - January 2024

It may come as a surprise that not all coffee is roasted the same. Majority of coffee is still drum roasted, and roasted to an overall darker profile. For speciality coffee, air roasting has caught the eye of a new wave of coffee roasters that see coffee more as a culinary treat instead of something just to drink to wake up. Let's explore the effects of air roasting on yielding a more tastier bean.

Air roasted coffee beans offer several benefits, from reducing the carbon footprint of the coffee industry to producing a consistently smooth and flavorful cup with less acidity. Consistency, precision and sustainability are the main attributes of air roasting coffee that maximize the unique profile of the coffee bean, and provide you with authentic flavor nuances from every single-origin bagged,  blended, and brewed at Dope Coffee. 


Benefits to Air Roasting

Even Roasting: Air roasting allows for a more uniform roasting process. The hot air circulates around the coffee beans, ensuring that they are evenly roasted on all sides throughout the roasting session. This results in a more consistent flavor profile in the final product.

Cleaner (non-bitter) Taste: Some argue that air roasting produces a cleaner and more distinct flavor in the coffee. Since the beans are not in direct contact with a heated surface, there is less chance of imparting additional flavors or  characteristics from the roasting equipment which results in a more pure coffee bean flavor.

Controlled Environment: Air roasting provides better control over the roasting process. The temperature and airflow can be carefully regulated, allowing roasters to fine-tune the roasting profile and achieve specific flavor profiles for each bean. This is especially important in profiles for cold brews and iced coffees that pull from the undertones of the roasted bean.

Efficiency: Air roasting is generally considered a more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious method compared to traditional drum roasting. Coffee beans are exposed to a consistent heat flow exchange aiding in uniform batch development.

Reduced Silverskin: Silverskin  (or chaff) is the thin skin that comes off coffee beans during the roasting process. In air roasting, chaff is blown away and collected, leading to cleaner, non-bitter beans, and a by-product for innovative skin care and unique flavor profiles for bottle drinks.

Currently, less than 30% of coffee roasters air roast their beans. It is a company's choice when developing desired flavor profiles and opting for a sustainability-centered business model when choosing air roasting. At Dope Coffee, we take pride in dialing in the perfect roast profile for each bean, to produce the tastiest coffee to brew. We also choose sustainability, by sourcing sustainably grown coffees and upcycling our coffee by-products from roasting and brewing operations to create coffee centered beauty products which further extend the coffee's wonderful benefits to you. 

Coffee is an experience from seed to roasted sip. The creativity is at the helm of the roaster, as air roasting creates a new wave of flavor profiles that are more vibrant to the senses and smoother on the tongue. Start a new coffee journey at Dope Coffee, where you can taste a selection of arabica coffee, air roasted uniquely to each single origin and processing method.


Stay Dope. 


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Author: Chel Loyd