The Coffee Mixer of the Year

Froth it, Mix it, Stir it, Shake it.

Experience the unique, chocolate florals of the Peaberry bean from Tanzania. Take a sip and enjoy a bold and chocolaty concoction that promises to upgrade your daily

brew routine. Made from the finest beans sourced from the lush southern highlands of East Africa, this cold brew is not just a beverage—it's an experience.

Crafted for the Bold:

At Dope Coffee, we understand that not all cold brews are created equal. That's why our Tanzania Peaberry Cold Brew is made with dark roasted beans that are hot flashed then cold steeped within a 4hr brew time. This creates a smooth and bold beverage, with perfect body to drink straight up or mixed as you like. Made with precision and care, each bottle is a testament to our commitment to quality coffee and excellent coffee products.

Unparalleled Taste Nuanced Aromatics:
With a rich dark chocolate taste, floral aroma, and smooth, clean finish, our Tanzania Peaberry Cold Brew is a true delight for the palate. Enjoy it over ice for a refreshing pick-me-up or mix it with creamer for a decadent latte experience. Or if you need a quick hot cup, heat up a bottle of our cold brew for a steamy, smooth dark chocolate experience. Don't knock it until you've tried's bomb. 

Join the Cold Brew Revolution:
Did you know, most people start out drinking coffee hot. However, cold coffee is a whole other elegant beast where brew methods let the bottom notes of the coffee shine through. Nonetheless, the flavors for your custom drink are unlimited with cold brews, and the availability is is pretty much immediate, straight outta the fridge, hot or cold. No wait times for brews, no ratios, just sip or craft the perfect coffee drink for your day. Try it, you'll discover why our cold brew is the ultimate coffee mixer of the year. Here's to boldness, excellence, and unparalleled taste!


The Dope Coffee Cold Brew Latte
6oz Tanzania Cold Brew
5oz Extra Creamy Oatmilk
1-2oz Organic Coffee Syrup
Ice (optional)
Add Syrup to Milk then stir or froth to mix. Add coffee and mix to combine.
Sip and adjust ingredients to fit your taste. Serve as is or over ice.
Stay Dope.

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Author: Chel Loyd