Atlanta’s Dope Coffee Company To Open Coffee Roastery & Fulfillment Center In Winston-Salem, NC

Dope Coffee Heads To Winston-Salem, NC

Chel Loyd

Native son of Winston-Salem, Michael Loyd, and his brand, Dope Coffee, plan to open a coffee roastery and e-commerce fulfillment center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina by Fall of 2022. Dope Coffee was founded by Mike Loyd and his wife Chel Loyd, both Alum of Wake Forest University. Following college, Loyd joined the United States Marine Corps where he deployed to Afghanistan and fell in love with coffee.

Although Loyd may be more well known for his athletic feats and accomplishments which include a recent Hall of Fame induction at Mount Tabor High-School, the son of Winston is a passionate entrepreneur and coffee executive.


Heart of the City, Spirit of the Culture.

Dope Coffee came on the scene very strong in 2019 and is poised to become the South’s premier coffee brand, and Loyd wants to bring that prowess home where it can have an economic impact on the city's bottomline and reshape the impoverished communities he grew up in. 

Bringing the manufacturing facility to Winston-Salem North Carolina will create jobs in the community and will also take advantage of the spirit and culture of the city which is truly at the foundation of Dope Coffee.” 

This isn’t just about returning home, according to Loyd who performs under the moniker Creative Mike The Rapper, “the people in Winston-Salem are just different, they work harder, they have more culture and are more resilient than anyone I’ve met anywhere around the world.

“Look how we're building wealth consider what we’ve already done, its begun.”  - Creative Mike The Rapper 

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Author: Chel Loyd