Black owned coffee Roastery located in Decatur Georgia launches a free coffee program in order to spread awareness of specialty coffee within the communities they seek to serve. It is a fact that specialty coffee originated in Ethiopia but still, mini black Americans don’t realize that this product is a part of their cultural and ancestral heritage. In order to fulfill a part of its mission which is to inform and uplift the culture through coffee and hip-hop, dope coffee will launch the world's first continuous American’s free coffee program.

The menu will be simple, black coffee. For those who may bark at coffee, no sugar no cream, first dope coffee will challenge you to taste high-quality coffee, roasted to perfection from the very source of where coffee began. Launched in 2019, the brand is led by a team of creative founders who handle every level of manufacturing in house from roasting to packaging design and content marketing efforts. You may have seen dope coffee partner with FX is Atlanta TV show launch, or even recently in daily coffee news.


Why free coffee? There are so many stigmas that exist in American culture and one of them is that Black people do not drink coffee, sadly this stigma is further repeated within the black community at times reinforcing norms that have no historical precedent. Dope Coffee seeks to provide a simple solution, first Dope Coffee is the culture, second spread the gospel on the history and connection with coffee for everyone. Free coffee is a simple gesture, a humble offering in order to begin a cultural conversation that needs to happen at scale.

Where will free coffee distribution begin and how many places will you be able to serve? Currently, Dope Coffee is launching in DeKalb county Georgia. From our headquarters at 5360 Snapfinger Woods Dr. we will serve free daily coffee to those who visit our roastery in the mornings. We also do a weekly free coffee activation in Little five points at Wax N Facts record shop on Moreland Avenue. Next stops include Panola Rd., Wesley Chapel and flat Shoals. In 2023 along with a few corporate partners, we will launch our free coffee van which will tour communities that don’t typically have coffee establishments within their neighborhoods.

How can I find out more about free coffee? First visit our homepage Next follow us on social media, Instagram at realdopecoffee, Facebook app, LinkedIn app. We will make frequent updates regarding the free coffee program that you can find easily on social media.

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Author: Stacy Loyd